The management and staff of the Big Creek Group of Companies is committed to ensuring the highest Safety, Health and Environmental Standards are developed, implemented and maintained for all its Employees, Contractors, Students and Visitors.

This commitment was first translated from words to actions through the establishment of the Health, Safety and Environment Department in 2012, later renamed the Safety, Health and Environment Department in 2019.

Since its inception, the Safety, Health and Environment Department operates under the guidance of the Senior Management Team, who provides full support and resources for all its activities and ensures safety remains a core value at all levels of operation. This is primarily achieved by the fostering of a positive safety culture through continuous cooperation, coordination and communication (the 3 C’s) between employees and the owners of the Big Creek Group of Companies. Forming the core building blocks of our Safety Management System.

Furthermore, the SHE department is presently being upgraded (i.e. through education/training and addition of human resource) to enhance its capacity, strength and knowledge of industry standards and best practices. This capacity building is essential for achieving the department’s primary objective, which is to consistently maintain safety, health and environmental standards for all operations occurring at and for the Big Creek Group of Companies. Catapulting us as the Port, Shipping and Agro provider of choice in Belize.

We aim to maintain our position, as a safety driven organization, by continuing to conduct all the necessary safety training, audits, inspections and assessments which will allow us to keep a robust and up to date Safety Management System in place for the protection of Employees, Contractors, Students and Visitors.

Key activities of the BCG Safety, Health and Environment Department includes:

Goals/ Future activities of the BCG Safety, Health and Environment Department includes:

  • Ensuring compliance with both local and international Safety, Health and Environmental regulations applicable to the Port of Big Creek and all activities on site (such as the ISPS code, Code of Practice on Safety and Health in Ports, Belize Port Authority Act, Pesticide Control Board regulations etc.).
  • Documentation of procedures for all safety, health and environment processes, i.e. effective response to incidents (accident, fire, oil spill etc.), PPE (purchase and issuing), Emergency preparedness (hurricane, emergency evacuation etc.).
  • Ensuring all Emergency Plans are reviewed and updated annually, i.e. General Emergency Plan, Fire Plan, Oil Spill Response Plan and Hurricane Plans.
  • Development and implementation of the Big Creek Group of Companies Training Program with appropriate SHE guidance and instructions for all departments (e. g Basic First Aid, Heavy Equipment Safety Operators Training, Oil Spill Response Training etc.).
  • Proper investigation and documentation of all accidents and incidents. All reports are forwarded to the PFSO.
  • Ensuring all safety and security signage are updated, appropriately installed and visible throughout the compound.
  • Participation in all safety and security investigations, audit and inspections led by the Belize Port Authority, Flag State (IMMARBE), US Coast Guard etc.
  • Safety inspection of all worksites (planned and unplanned), as well as all Banana, Cargo and Sugar Vessels calling to the Port of Big Creek.
  • Monthly inspection of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, oil spill response equipment etc.
  • Monthly testing of emergency, fire and burglary alarms etc. throughout the compound.
  • An established and trained Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • Annual general risk assessment for all work environments
  • Water Quality Management
  • Air Quality Monitoring and Management
  • C02 Emissions Management/Monitoring